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Join us February 7-8, 2015 for our annual youth conference. Updates on ministry functions, missions, and future plans, will be presented. Also come for a special word shared about the danger of the lost cross!

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Bible School to develop an intimacy through prayer and worship. To send out those who are trained to make other disciples for Christ. Stay posted to know where it will be next!

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No more space available, with 60+ participants! Praise God! This trip is scheduled for January 3-17. The goals of this trip include evangelism, medical, kids, and teaching ministry. Please keep this trip in your prayers.

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During the April 11th-13th weekend, SFG Youth Ministries will conduct the annual Youth Leaders' Retreat. We encourage everyone actively involved with their youth to attend.

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If you would like to support ministry in mexico please follow the link and purchase the song on iTunes, 100% of the proceeds go to help mission work in Mexico.
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Our desire is to proclaim the Word of God to the rest of the world
Nov 07 2013

On March 22nd, 2014, there was a regional prayer in Chicago, Illinois. Many came together from different locations in what turned out to be a very blessed gathering. There were individuals from Rochester, Lexington, Cleveland, Columbus, and many other cities. It is amazing to see one main focus unites us all: seeking God, a way of which is through prayer. When everyone came together in the name of Christ, there were testimonies of how powerful God is and the work He does to change lives. There were powerful prayers and many didn’t want to leave their knees but wanted to continue pouring their hearts out before God. There was a sermon about peace and happiness found only in Jesus Christ, a message to bring individuals to God and give everything to Him, and a testimony of how God saved a young man from drug addiction. At the end, Alex Yakobchuk shared a teaching on properly serving God and seeking Him with all our time.

After this amazing prayer, the regional youth leader, Vitaliy Tkach, invited all churches to come together at the SFG land near Akron, Ohio to begin work on various useful building projects. These include: a Bible School and an area for youth camps. The 2014 SFG Bible School administrator, Vitalik Maksimchenko, presented information about what will take place at the School in Rochester, New York and invited all the desiring individuals to sign up. Afterwards everyone went down to the basement and had fellowship with classic and delicious Slavic food. Then people split up: some went downtown, others went to play sports, and some went home.

The big take away from such an event: prayer is needed in every single Christian’s life. Without a connection to God, it is impossible to understand what He wants to do in our lives and what we need to do for Him. Continue praying for the youth of this region so God may guide us, give us a concrete vision to move forward, and empower us to do His will! May you all be blessed!

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